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Ceran the Toreador

Profiles of the young dhampyr and some of the people who made him what he is.


Ceran Niall - Lord Maeder Ramsland - Corbin Grant

Ceran Niall

Ceran looking pretty

      Perhaps he was the kidnapped child of some affluent resident of California, or perhaps he was abandoned on a doorstep. He could not tell you. He doesn't remember, doesn't know, and his master never told him anything about it. All he has known is a long string of twisted pain.
     He is a broken doll whose knowledge of perversion could easily put Donatien-Alphonse-Françoise de Sade to shame. His earliest memories are just as a servant to his master, a rogue member of the clan Toreador. A child who managed to remain innocent despite his surroundings, until his beauty could no longer be ignored by his master. He was brutally initiated into his master's dark world at the tender age of thirteen, becoming a ghoul to the vampire. His natural performance skills were exploited, honed, and from these, and the faint honey-sweet undertaste in his blood caused his master to suspect that maybe somewhere in his family tree was a member of the Fae, but he never cared enough to investigate further.
     Ceran's master finally Embraced him in his 16th year. By this time the boy had no will of his own, and indifferently accepted the "gift". It gave him the endurance to survive his master's increasingly violent games, games that now incorporated members of other Sabbat clans more than ever. As far as anyone was concerned, he wasn't Kindred, he was Furniture. He belonged to anyone who either his master favored, or who could afford the price. Along with having an Enchanting Voice, came with having an Enchanting Scream.
     His best friends were the occasional animal that happened to be in the mansion, as well as the Nosferatu Scourge. Birds and cats often found ways to sneak into hiss room, and he would desperately fight sleep to listen to the songs outside his window. His favorite wild animal friends were a family of swallows who nested under the eaves by his window. He would find scraps left over from his master's ghouls' meals and feed them to the birds, surprised at how willing they were to become nocturnal just to keep him company. When his master discovered the family, he destroyed the nest and had the birds pressed for blood, forcing it down his poor Childe's throat while berating him, a cold gleam in his eye. His master repeated the same trick after presenting him with a young crow to raise. The bird became his best friend and only comfort, and quickly learned to talk and do tricks. His master abruptly killed it, fed him the blood, shredded the tiny body and smeared feathers and bits of flesh over the distraught fledgling.
     Scourge, on the other hand, was a more steady friend, and an interesting diversion from the typical manner of the vampires he'd so far been exposed to. Scourge was always kind to him, and often brought him pretty, rattling bone jewelry and toys, and even a rat once that Ceran just adored. It lasted for about as long as one would expect the little creature to last in such an environment.
     Despite his Fae-beauty, his master began to tire of him after a number of years, he's not sure how many exactly, wanting new sport, and decided to just do away with him in an entertaining fashion. Setting up a camera, he tied his little pet out in the courtyard, telling him to stay put until he returned for him, that he could play in the rose garden until he returned. The boy just smiled unassumingly and sat down by the nearest bush to investigate the roses. During the night, as the sky began to purple, a group of feral dogs approached the boy. He was frightened at first, but the animals convinced him that they meant him no harm, and that he was in more danger than he could understand. They talked him into following them, the largest of them, a German shepherd, gnawed through the thick leather leash that tethered him to the house. The dogs led him first to a safe place to wait out the day, repeating this day after day when they sensed that his master was pursuing him, enraged at having been not only denied his entertainment, but at being disobeyed.

     2020 (Bombay Game) - After escaping his master's persuits, Ceran managed to sneak onto a freighter bound for India with the GSD that had chewed him free. They snuck meat from the refrigerated area, and despite his revulsion, drained the blood from it and gave the rest to the dog.
     On landing, they attempted to disembark unnoticed and failed. Frightened and chased by various groups, he lost track of his canine friend, and was forced to keep running, despite wanting to turn back and find her. And so he found himself alone in Bombay.

Lord Maeder Ramsland

Primogen Maeder Ramsland

     Maeder Ramsland is as pretensious as he is powerful. A Primogen in a city where the Antitribu Toreador flourish, as far as he's concerned, everything and everyone is potential entertainment to him.
    A vampire of undeterminate age and lineage, when he was Embraced, he already had old money and a taste for the perverse. He's rumored to have traded stories with the Marquis de Sade, and some who have dealt with him closely claim he might BE the Marquis de Sade. This is impossible, though, since he's built far too sturdy, and has none of the effeminate features of de Sade.
     Noone is sure why or how Ceran came into his possession. All that is sure is that he started as a menial servant and ended up Embraced and a toy for his master's perversions. amsland is a cruel man, with perverse tastes. He sometimes adds the often still-living art of the Tzimisce to his collections. He has audio collections of the screams of past victims, and enjoys feeding by bleeding his victims into a grand silver punchbowl and dipping from it into a chalice. He's even been known to break and bend his victims into his own sort of living art and tapping thier necks with a spigot in order to keep them alive for a time. Nothing like a cup of hot blood fresh from the tap.
     This Primogen has visted every possible torture he could on his young pet, force-feeding the boy animal blood (he's not worthy of human blood in his eyes), in order to heal him enough to prevent torpor. Despite all he's done to the boy, he is always careful to leave no permanent marks, especially on his face. Even more perverse is the fact that he seems to have a twisted love of Ceran, although this may not be apparent when he's lending the boy out to others of his rank and higher. It's even harder to tell if it's the love of a master for his beloved, obedient pet, or of a collector of strange and pretty objects for one of the jewels in his collection.
      Ramsland finally tired of his little pet and decided it would be more entertaining to leave him out for the sun.  Unfortunately for him, Ceran escaped with the help of animal friends.  It is known for fact that he persued the boy for at least a while, but its unknown if he is still doing so. 

Corbin Grant (Scourge)

Corbin Grant

    Corbin Grant works under Lord Maeder Ramsland as a gopher, spy, and occasionally, an assassin. He's a particuarlly potent Nosferatu, and if the Toreador Primogen didn't have such uses for him, he would probably never tolerate him anywhere near him. As is a selection of fanciful masks are kept on hand for him; the Toreador demanding he wear them while under his roof, despite having Mask of a Thousand Faces.  
     No one knows exactly how Grant has managed to work his way into the business of the clan who values beauty above all else, but perhaps it doesn't hurt that he's dealing with Antitribu instead of straightforward Toreador. Some of it might be his quiet, oddly personable nature. He rarely speaks unless he has something of note to say, and always dresses well. He uses his successs to help his clanmembers.
     Corbin Grant was perhaps the only friend that Ceran had while he lived with his master. No one is quite sure WHY they became friends, but it was before the boy was Embraced, so perhaps Grant felt sorry for him. He would bring the boy bone trinkets and toys. He even once brought him a small, friendly calico rat in an ornate human bone cage.
     Despite his odd personality, most Kindred know him as Scourge. If Ramsland wants someone removed, they are, and in many, many peices (not that any of those peices are ever seen again, except as sculpture and jewelry). Scourge is as businesslike as the Ventrue, as feirce as the Brujah, and some argue as mad as the Malkavians. There's speculation that he may be so effective because he's actually a Primogen or Seneschal but this is neither confirmed nor denied by Scourge when he's asked. He's also not saying anything about his past. No one is even sure if Corbin Grant is his real name...
      Since both rats and wild dogs rescued Ceran when he was left outside to wait for sunrise, it could be speculated that Grant may have gotten wind of what Ramsland had in mind for the boy, and sent them to aid him.